Gabe Goldberg's Favorite Web Sites

Amazon affiliate store -- Benefits non-profit organizations

Dealigg -- Social bargain hunting

Slickdeals -- bargains/discounts/articles

Slickdeals blog articles -- index to my articles

APCUG -- Association of Personal Computer User Groups; facilitates communication among user groups, user community, vendors, etc.

Google -- A friendly place which answers your questions (and MUCH more than search!)

Google Maps -- Find businesses, addresses, places of interest; get directions

Wikipedia -- The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit

Snopes-- Urban legends reference pages

IMDB -- The Internet Movie Database (also see Rotten Tomatoes)

Netflix -- Movies by mail or streaming to computer or TV, NO late fees (fee/password)

Yelp -- Restaurant reviews, and more

New York Times -- The New York Times -- breaking news, etc. (Password/Subscribe)

BBC -- BBC News front page (Subscribe)

Al Jazeera -- More international news/views

NPR -- National Public Radio: news & analysis, etc.

Newseum -- Museum of news; the world’s most interactive museum

Web Gallery of Art -- Virtual museum and searchable database of Western (European) fine arts

TV Guide -- TV Guide, TV Listings, online videos, etc. (Password) also try -- National and local weather forecast, etc.

Medline Plus -- objective/credible medical/health information

Firefox add-ons -- Make Firefox browser sing and dance to your tunes

Thunderbird add-ons -- And tweak Thunderbird email client too

MakeUseOf -- Tutorials and how-to guides -- also HowThingsWork, StuffWorks, Worth1000, IFixIt

CNET -- Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news

Infopackets -- headline news based on MS Windows, Internet, and technology trends

Tom's Hardware -- hardware/software reviews, reference, more

Belarc -- Belarc Advisor: Free Personal PC Audit

Gibson Research -- Gibson Research -- hard drive and security tools (see also

Secunia -- Secunia Software Inspectors

Windows Secrets-- Windows Secrets Newsletters and Tips

Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (PATACS)-- my user group -- check yours for resources!

Reference Desk -- Fact checker for the Internet

YouTube -- Broadcast yourself

FedEx -- Shipping, logistics management, etc.

PCWorld article -- Remote system access for service or training

Fairfax County Library -- my county library -- try yours!

Lynda -- Infinite (by bargain subscription or via library website) training

Speed test -- Turbo-charge your Internet and PC performance

Flight Stats and FlightAware -- Track flight status, airport delays, etc. (also Google Flights)

Navy Federal Credit Union -- Online banking!

Free Annual Credit Report -- Request free annual credit reports -- Check house prices, markets, more

Jacquie Lawson -- Jacquie Lawson animated e-cards

Interstate Highways -- Guides for all interstate highways

National Cherry Blossom Festival -- Every year!

DC's Kennedy Center -- Performance information, online ticketing, more

Virginia Festival of the Book -- Every year!

The Onion -- "America’s finest news source"

LOL Cats -- Pets, funny cat pictures, etc. (Subscribe) -- The customer is NOT always right (Subscribe)

XKCD -- science, math, social, technology comic

(c) 2017 Gabriel Goldberg -- OK for non-profit use -- LinkedIn -- gabe at gabegold dot com